Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nations’ Birthday ♪

Our National Foundation Day (in Japan) by using my old post(2012)
"The origin of Japanese National Foundation Day (February 11th) is New Year's Day in the traditional lunisolar calendar. On that day, the foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu (first Emperor) was celebrated based on Nihonshoki (日本書紀), which states that Emperor Jimmu ascended to the throne on the first day of the first month (around BC.660).  In the Meiji period (19th century), the Japanese government designated the day as a National Holiday."

  Have a great Holiday, dear friends in America,
  Wishing you all will have a wonderful weekend.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

*Coming May 5th is Children's Day "子供の日"or Boy's Day celebration *
Boy's Day Festival exhibition held by local Handicraft Association

I've explained about this day here;  On this day, we celebrate Tango no Sekku (端午の節句) and wish that our sons will grow up healthy and strong.    'タンポポの会 tampopo no kai' which is the same association held Girl's day exhibition (I posted here) had Children’s Day exhibition in collaboration with the Ceramics Federation.

Happy to see dolls for this day made of "Cocoon Filament" like the girl's day ♪

 The bottles (earthen ware) below used as vases are sulfuric acid bottle container.  Next city where is my husband's birth city used to have thriving ceramic engineering  (pottery industry).  "sulfuric acid, is for refining gold and silver" for coins. 
Here is my post about it.
 *Works by Indigo Dying*

I'm surprised that the Matsutake-mushrooms look so real and even they put fragrance on the Hard Tip of them (hope the right word).  We call the part 'ishizuki  石づき'

I really LOVED this work which expresses the old scenery with the lovely old couple.
I really felt heartwarming to see this sweet old couple; we'll be soon p:-)

*The Ceramics Federation side*

Monday, February 29, 2016

*Hinamaturi '雛祭り';  Girl's Day Festival exhibition by local Handicraft Association* 
Knowing from the local TV news, I went to next city's department store to see this exhibition. 
This association is called 'タンポポの会 Tanpopo no kai'.  I was so amazed at the big scale of exhibited works. I couldn't post pictures as many as I satisfied to show you p:-)  Even so, please bear me with this long picture post.

*First time to see Hina-Doll made of Cocoon Filament*

*Japanese bride wearing Kimono bridal costume*

*Works with Monkey's Design which is this year's Oriental Zodiac Sign*

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Varied Tit" and their "Oracle Tricks"

* My first "Varied Tit" and their "Oracle Tricks"*
So sorry for my blurry image,  really felt discouraged by missing the chance to take good photo.  When I found she/he, I was SO happy and thankful this colorful bird appearing in front of me.  As I couldn't identify the name, I contacted to the Nature Park. The lady staff who answered my call mailed me detail about this bird. So amazed to know that with the high learning ability this bird has, they are known to show us "Oracle Tricks".   Through PC, I learned this bird's tick dates back to 700 years or so; which no longer seen due to wildlife protection act etc
I wished to introduce this bird's talent I didn't know; Happy if you can enjoy the videos.  

 For your clear idea of this bird, I found this picture above here  in the "Bird Fun" site.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's visit to a shrine, Hatumoude "初詣”

Hi, I DO hope you are having wonderful start of 2016☆☆☆

*New Year's visit to a shrine, Hatumoude "初詣”*
Yesterday, on 1st. we had a sudden guests and had unexpected busy day with them.  So this morning on 2nd, we visited a shrine. We pray for the peace and health for the year.  I hope you can see an atmosphere through my picture for our new year custom♪

Long queue to wait during  "the first three days" of the year.
We have special way to call these 3 days "三が日sannga-nichi"

    This year happens to be "the year of monkey" according to Chinese Zodiac Sign.
おみくじ. Omikuji (also referred to as Mikuji) are Sacred Lots drawn at temples or shrines to tell our fortune.  If your written oracle "fortune" said that you would have unlucky year, you'll tie it like the picture below.
Mine was a middle luck :-)

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