Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rice-Cake Making in husband's hobby room

This morning we made kan-mochi(寒餅), which means rice cakes made in a really cold season not the year end. When I was a child(more than 50years ago, haha), making mochi outside the house with all my family by using the  traditional way and tools was a sort of annual event of at the end of the year and quite reminisce about it. My mother was really busy gettig ready for doing it.  I found the good example from You-tube.

Since my husband  retired from his job last year and he wishes to eat fresh ones freqently, we bought a machine. We have already eaten ones we had made last year, he wished to make them again. This is how we did it today.

                    Sweet beans to be put in the rice-cakes

                    Husband is fighting with the hotness

       I will make Zouni 雑煮 like this with mochi tonight.

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