Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Umeboshi,"pickled plums" (Sour, Sour)

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This year, I've made Umeboshi,"pickled plums".  Making these pickles requires a lot of process to step.  Until a few years ago, my job was taking much of my time to make this pickles. Well, according to my hubby's strong request, I had to. Hubby loves them but I have sweet tooth and I don't care for sour food much. 
    Memories of "Sour-Sweetness"
As my late mother loved them and have seen how she makes, I've known how much efforts it requires. Well, I couldn't find good excuse to evade the job to my husband, haha.  Whether I like them or not, this typical old Japanese pickles bring me back childhood days' memories with my mother. In hot summer, my mother looked refreshed having this sour food; wondering why I don't like them,

These lunch-box pics from PC-site
               青い星とダンス♪ 素敵な日の丸       クリックすると新しいウィンドウで開きます
hinomaru-benntou                                                  typical nowadays lunch-box

At the time of post-war period just several decades ago or another food shortage period, Japanese people had "hinomaru-benntou. Rising Sun flag-lunch box (literal translation)". As you can see it looks like our national flag.
Until my hubby retired, I used to make lunch box like the right-side one with Umeboshi (not homemade ones) in it.

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