Wednesday, April 11, 2012

cherry blossoms and father's condition

(all pictures from PC)
I really wished at least one post about cherry blossoms for the year even though I am busy. I loved these two arranged cherry blossoms as I thought they have Japanese atmosphere in its arrangement.   

About my father
Thank you SO much for the warm comments to my former post about my father. His fever got a little lower and not a critical condition now.  He can react hearing my voice. I have been visiting him every day with hubby and wish him to have free hands at least while we are there. (he tries to take off his oxygen mask and IV).  I am not sure how long it will take  for him to start eating food. 
Well, I feel SO terrible that I still cannot read and leave comments for my friends. But I think I will be able to find time and feel up to it from tomorrow, I hope. And may not another post for a while.
I pass the bridge to and from his hospital seeing cherry blossoms on the riverside and I found this picture from PC's my city page, having a bit transient feeling like the image of the blossom.     

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