Thursday, September 27, 2012

Japanese Tuitate

Usually, I love autumn with delicious seasonal food and coolness after the tough muggy summer weather. Well, right now I am having mixed feelings.

Finishing my mom and bro's memorial service, I started to think about my parents' house and the household belongings which I need to deal with at some future date. For example, the picture below was taken at the front door of the house. The big wooden thing is called "tuitate, 衝立" in Japanese, hallstand or "screen" in English.  As no one lives there now, my hubby is asking some people if they need it for their houses, including his relatives visited us this Sunday. I remember my mother was so excited and looked happy finding this tuitate and decorating in the front door about 40 years ago when they bought the house.  Haha, actually I myself was not so fond of this as I thought it was not so lovely shape and big.  It might fit to a Japanese restaurant or something. Today, I visited the house to vacuum, put some air in there and father at his care house; telling him in my mind that how should I do with my memories with all things...   well, he was just staring at me (^^;) 

I'll paste common types of them from PC here →tuitate,

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