Thursday, September 13, 2012

Red dragonflies and memories

It is me posting tonight, I just couldn't resist... 
When I was coming home from my parent's house (empty house) preparing for memorial service (cleaning and weeding), I saw a group of dragonfly were hovering. I was kind of in tears, which made my hubby a bit surprised not knowing the reason. When I was little, my late bro and I share the memory seeing the sky full of  these red-colored dragonflies. We could see them on our way back from company communal bathhouse. And sang the song below.  I felt like he is thanking me for my work today, haha. 

I remembered I had a dragonfly design scrapbook. I wish to add that I know I may be overusing free scrapbooks and illustrations. I myself realized it is kind of turned out too much. Well, I was thinking to ask everyone understanding for my girlish taste. Thank you very much for stopping by. 

I'll paste the nursery rhyme

Japanese version we used to sing together

found the English version

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