Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Old Japanese (igura style) house & Tamarix chinensis

This Nakagawa-residence was built in 1,884 (明治17年) and donated to the local city about 10 years ago.  We could see the old "igura-style house (2 layered tiled roof, plastered wall)", which created mainly for the purpose of fire-safety. The family owned marine transportation business. Transporting "rice. salt. cotton" to Osaka. Today I wish to show how this old special house in Japan looks like. 

*  Tamarix chinensis in the garden of the house;
First time for me to see this beautiful tree or flower even though they were not in full bloom Originated in China and it is said that old time Yang Guifei enjoyed seeing its beauty through reed screen.

Thank you very much for reading, I really do appreciate your visit. 
I felt sad my pictures don't do justice to the beautiful place; well, hoping I could let you sense the atmosphere of the house and the flower(^^;)

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