Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lantern of Goldfish at the Airport

* We call Antirrhinum "kingyosou; 金魚草".  Literally means "goldfish flower" * 
     (I'll write the derivation of the name at the bottom.)

Through my cousin's Facebook, I learned about the display of "Lantern of Goldfish" at the Airport in my city. Rushed to go there to take pictures p;)   One of the cities in my prefecture (Yanai-city) has "goldfish lantern festival"It was originated through the idea of famous festival called Nebuta Matsuri and used the city's dyeing technique to make them. The lantern became its city's folk-craft article. Although I've never seen the festival, at least I could feel the atmosphere.

At almost all the festival, you find stalls which sell goldfish by scooping like this.

Antirrhinum was introduced into Japan late Edo-Period and became really popular.  
Through PC, I found 2 theories of naming the flower goldfish.
    * Antirrhinum's petal looks like puckered lips of the goldfish.
    * The whole shape of the flower look like goldfish's tail fin.
                          Haha, I don't know if you agree with these or not.
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