Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lantern of Goldfish at the Airport

When I went to our city's airport to get tickets, I found this "Gold Fish Lantern" decoration.  I've already posted about this last year but let me show you again by using this years pictures. A coincidence vising there around the same season.

One of the cities in my prefecture (Yanai-city) has "goldfish lantern festival"It was originated through the idea of famous festival called Nebuta Matsuri and used the city's dyeing technique to make them. The lantern became its city's folk-craft article. 

*This year, there was another fish decoration "puffer-fish"* 
From this page; Expensive set dish from restaurant with Sashimi and Nabe
Shimonoseki-city in my pref. is famous for its fish-catches. Puffer Fish (fugu 河豚) is enjoyed since more than 2,300 years ago. There were times (mainly, Edo period) prohibited to eat by Shognate, but the first Prime-Minister Hirobumi Ito liked it when he happened to have it. It was the trigger of lifting a bun. Sashimi is delicious but I rarely buy them just because of the price p:)  These are the Wikipedia and Fugu dish pages for the reference.  

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