Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Calligraphy partⅡ;

Among the many calligraphy work from the exhibition I introduced in previous post, this work caught my attention and wished to show you separately. 
The title on the board said "Enjoyable pictograph (ancient script)" and shows how these four Chinese Character was formed. You can see the process with the picture in each work.

*I'll explain each one from left to right*
立.stand; This character is made from the image of a person standing with two legs. 
門.gate; Imaged from the gate with Two Doors (right and left) where people can go in and out.
果.nut;  Imaged the nuts on the tree. This characther has the meaning of 'accomplish'.
龍.dragon;  For this character, explained only meaning of the word  (hugeness. blessing. tendresse) and dragon brings clouds and rain.

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