Wednesday, November 26, 2014

几帳 'kicho' at the dinner time;

*Luxurious Hotel we stayed during our trip to Izu area*
So impressed that the flower arrangement at the lobby was already renewed, 
when we leave the hotel next morning.
*The room we stayed the night had private spa besides the big one at the top floor*
*Gorgeous dinner time experienced first time for me*
As this trip was meant to be for the memory of my husband's late aunt, his cousins prepared us high-class hotel.
几帳 'kicho' (dividing screen), which was used to hide the dinner before serving.
And the menu helped us a lot to know what we were enjoying eating.

        About 几帳 'kicho' and the pictures of them;
Kicho (picture pageis a type of partition of two T-shaped columns lowered silk 薄絹 used in the mansions of the nobility after the Heian era( 8 B.C.).
We call a person who is scrupulous and methodical '几帳面. kicho-men'. This word is originated from the excellent job of the chamfered corners or surfice(面・men) of the cutting edges of kicho's columns. And the meaning of the word shifted to the symbol of the precise job and then started expressing person's characters as well. (hope you get my explanation)

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