Friday, December 26, 2014

  According to the Oriental Zodiac, next year is the year of 'sheep'.
We have 12 animals blocks in the sign and you can read your characteristics analysis from this page.  May interesting:-) 
It happened that I was born in the sheep year. Means you can guess how old I will be (12×5) haha. When you become 60 years old, we call the year of the person "kanreki. 還暦"   Which can be considered "sixty first" calendar year.  '還' has the meaning of return.
As  it is connected to the idea of rebirth, we celebrate this special year with family. Makes me feel "Time Flies' (^^;)  Here is the long explanation page for each different festive year.
These are the new year cards from picture page; I've already sent them writing a little note and about 80 cards all together with my husband's. Nowadays, many young people do this greeting through mobile-phone or PC, setting that the message will be reached at the new year day. 

   They are the sheep I was given when I visited New Zealand with a Group;
Oh, you have us in the Oriental Zodiac,. aren't we CUTE ♪

        *This goat is from this June at our city park's animal festival*
She or he is the closest picture I have for this topic and wished to link to "Saturday's crittersand  "Nature Notes"
My late mother used to tell me I had an experience having goat's milk when baby. Seeing this adorable animal first time then, I had a little close feeling :-)
Thanks for featuring me again;

*Straw Festoon or New Year Wreath*
And these are the 'shimekazari. しめ飾り' I bought for the front and back door.  Normally, we decorate them around 28th; avoiding 29th as 9 is the number with the same pronunciation with 'suffer' in Japanese.

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