Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's visit to a shrine, Hatumoude "初詣”

Hi, I DO hope you are having wonderful start of 2016☆☆☆

*New Year's visit to a shrine, Hatumoude "初詣”*
Yesterday, on 1st. we had a sudden guests and had unexpected busy day with them.  So this morning on 2nd, we visited a shrine. We pray for the peace and health for the year.  I hope you can see an atmosphere through my picture for our new year custom♪

Long queue to wait during  "the first three days" of the year.
We have special way to call these 3 days "三が日sannga-nichi"

    This year happens to be "the year of monkey" according to Chinese Zodiac Sign.
おみくじ. Omikuji (also referred to as Mikuji) are Sacred Lots drawn at temples or shrines to tell our fortune.  If your written oracle "fortune" said that you would have unlucky year, you'll tie it like the picture below.
Mine was a middle luck :-)

Thank you SO much for your kind visits;

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