Friday, August 19, 2011

Yunomi and other Japanese tea-cups etc.

Today I’d like to show varieties of Japanese tea cups and etc,

My friend romance-of-rosewho has a beautiful blog and really talented lady, even has electric-kiln to make her own porcelain tea cups, saucers, tea pots etc; asked me about Yunomi which I mentioned in the comment for her post.
I pasted some links of the picture-pages to give you some ideas what they are, (please click the title)       And the pictures I pasted here are mine which I'm using.

 Yunomi……… we use Yunomi (湯飲み) for every day, every meal usage.
these Yunomi is a set with the rice bowls

 Kyusu(teapot)……we put green tea leaves in these teapot and pour green tea into Yunomi

we keep tea leaves in these 茶筒 (tea leaf box)

Japanese tea-cup for ceremony…… Mine are very cheap ones and I don't drink strong ceremonial green tea much.

Set with kyusu……We use them mainly for the guests.

We have these several types of items for Japanese Green Tea. I reminisce my mother REALLY loved green tea and used to enjoy having a sip in the morning together. I remember using favorite ones she bought for me when young.  I feel so strange and funny that I enjoy having green tea with western tea-cups now with the ones I posted for the "Tea Cup Tuesday" before.

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Miss Simmonds Says said...

Hello Miyako!

Thank you for your email - I'm thinking up intelligent questions to ask you!! I love learning new Japanese words and these tea cups are really pretty. I really love the tea leaf box.
Clare =^o^=