Friday, August 26, 2011

Japanese Otedama (Girl's Juggling Tradition)

Pinkish sweet memory for me (Otedama)    (I linked this post with pink Saturday←link )
We will have a little girl guest (3 years old) tomorrow whose mother plays keyboard. (I've posted about her before)←link  I thought I would buy the girl "Otedama" and let her show how to juggle with them. Haha, good idea to steal her attention while her Mom have to play music with my hubby.
Oh, what a sweet memory that I collected the seeds of "Coixseed or adlayjyuzudama in Japanese" with my mother along the nearby riverbank and she made Otedama for me putting the seeds in them. They made nice soothing sound when we were playing juggling. I admire my mother having had sewing talent which I didn't take after, I wish I did.   Reminisce the lovely memory juggling.

(pictures from pc-sites except the last one)  Link with picture page is →here

Coixseed, I was surprised to know that this is a
grain-bearing tropical plant from this site ←link

As I had guested, the ones I bought today had small plastic balls inside and made no nostalgic sound when juggle. Also, I felt a little sad to read this site which describes Otedama as "A Fading Japanese Juggling Tradition"
I bought small ¥100 Otedama-set and checked inside

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