Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 Types of Sliding-Door and changing Papers

You can see pictures of fancy Japanese sliding doors in this page.

Finally, we've renewed the paper of the sliding door yesterday. I would like to take this opportunity to show three different types of sliding door in our really small house.  Normally, we have three types of sliding doors in Japanese house.

First Type, (Fusuma 襖)
We didn't change papers for this type,
For this one, it would be better to aske the professional to change the papers. As you can see from the picture site I pasted, we have many designs to choose. This type can be used for both storage doors where we put futon "bedding" etc. and the ones which can separate the rooms.

Second Type,
This one is made of glasses and separating two rooms in my house. There are four pieces of them.  We rarely close them; you can guess why; because if we do, it gets too stuffy.  Only if our house were spacious one (^^;)

Third Type, (Shoji, 障子)

For this tye, you can buy papers from "do-it-yourself store" ; 
We call them "ホームセンター・ home-center" and change papers including the ones  if you want to save your money rather than asking professional. We've renewed eight pieces of our upstairs.

How we change papers, 
My parents used to do this at the end of the year to have a refreshing new year. However, I think it is no longer the case and people do it whenever they feel they should do. Ours were terrible condition that we  couldn't  put off any longer , haha.  Ideally, changing every year might good to keep them nicely and bright but we normally don't do it so often.

 Took Off the old paper

 Hubby cutting the edge

Drying them for a while before putting them back

Thank you very much for stopping by and I am really sorry for the bad qualityof the pictures!
Sorry for posting mine before commenting your posts,
My father's fever is going back to normal and I'm trying to comment you, my friends!

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