Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rice-Cake Making (mochituki)

Rice-Cake season has arrived,
For Japanese, we cannot go without having rice-cakes especially new year.
We are planning to make them next week.  This Feb. 10th I've already  posted about it when we made  kan-mochi(寒餅), which means "rice cakes made in a really cold season"  not this time of the year. We usualy make them twice a year. As it was right after I started my blog, let me use my pictures and you-tube page that I used at that time, 

After hubby retired from his job last year, we bought a machine thinking we might have much time using it not buying expensive ready-made ones  from the store.  

we make mochi-dough into kind of a flat ball on this board he made

Sweet  Beans I made to be put in some of the rice-cakes

Husband is fighting with the hotness, haha

we can freeze them in the freezer

When I was a child (more than 50years ago, haha), making mochi outside the house with all my family by using the traditional way and tools was a sort of annual event at the end of the year and I quite reminisce about it. My mother was busy gettig ready for doing it. I found the good example of it from You-tube.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope you could enjoy and not familiar with this, p;)

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