Monday, March 19, 2012

Cherry Blossom Front; "Sakura-Zensen"

Dear Friends;  today I will introduce you about Cherry Blossom Front link
or "Sakura-zensen" in Japanese. 
Cherry blossom season has finally arrived in Japan♪♪♪
Sakura-zensen is a chart on map of Japan which the date of cherry blossoms will bloom in spring. The Japan Meteorological Agency records the opening and full bloom of the blossoms. You might think it funny, but in the weather forecast news on TV report the date as well as in the news paper. So we can know when is the best time to view cherry blossoms. The transient beautiful blossoms can be a tiny benefit of being born as a Japanese. Sakura-zensen starts from Okinawa in March and reaches Hokkaido in May. Oh, it is a happy bright coming of spring sign♡♡♡
                                                        Love you always Miyako*

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Marie Arden said...

Oh how nice that they do that. My Yoshino cherry tree is in full bloom today. I live in Marietta Georgia near Atlanta. I want so much to someday be in Japan at cherry blossom time. Thanks for the information! Have a pink day!