Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinkish "Girl's day" Sweets and Flower Arangements

I've already posted about "Hinamaturi": Girl's Day festival" on March. 3rd in Japan before. And explained about the Japanese tradition of it and showed what kind of festival it is or how the dolls are look like. (here is the link or side barThey are so beautiful, I remember my late mother really looked sorry for me finding them ruined by mice more than 40 years ago,

Today, I would like to introduce the various sweets we have here for the occasion with pictures. I DO have the sweet tooth and definitely buy some and have them♡♡♡

*we even have the arranged flower

"Pink color" represent cherry blooms
*Now the sweets ♬♬♬
These are called "sakuramochi"    (link for the  pictures is here)
                          (you may think this as "cherry flavored soft sweet rice cake")

These are " hinaarare"   (link for the pictures is here)
                                                                               (a kind of rice cracker)

We even have "birthday cake"    (link for the pictures  is here)

Thankk you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the sweets♡♡♡
                           Love you always, xoxo      Miyako*

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