Friday, February 17, 2012


Our tiny room's Tatami-mats needed its surface cover renewed
Tatami is made of bundled straw and covered with tightly woven rushes called igusa. We waited too long to renew it, haha.  It got ruined very much (got frayed a lot, hope this is the right word)
They has to be taken away for a couple of days to get it done.  This is the link page you can see how the professional do the work. I am sorry I only have found the Japanese page.

Only one worker came to pick them up. My hubby seemed to have enjoyed the time of some conversation about his job.

2 days later a very young looking guy came alone (again) to put them back. At first, I was a bit worried because he looked really young for the job; wow, he was an efficient one and did a great job swiftly. You might notice the fresh green color of the new igusa cover.  When I explained why I took pictures of his work and showed them (he looked interested in), he said that he was sad not his face being taken in them.  And he posed with the famous peace sign.

his charming smiling face

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