Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Year card (year-end new year tradition part1)

*Another disappearing tradition?*
As I posted last year, I'd like to introduce you some of our year-end and new-year traditions. We normally send new year's cards not Christmas cards we exchange. Mainly to the relatives and friends and colleagues and so on. According to the Oriental Zodiac, next year is the year of the snake. So you can see the Chinese Character "巳" describing snake in the first card below. TV news is announcing that many young people do this greeting through mobile-phone or PC, setting that the message will be reached at the new year day. My husband calls himself "analog person" and doesn't even buy these printed ones. It sure was a big job this year as well. However, the idea through technology doesn't come to my mind, hehe.

pics are  from this page

According to the characteristics analysis from this page, you can see in what year you were born and check yours.  By the by, I was born in the sheep year, p;)
Anyway, it says that people who were born in the year of snake are deep thinkers, speak very little and possess tremendous wisdom. They are fortunate in money matters and will always be able to obtain it. They are determined in what they do and hate to fail."
Whum, my late brother was born in snake year and close to this; expect money matters, haha.


Heidi said...

Dear Miyako,
Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Dear Mikyako, these cards are lovely, I like how kawaii the snake is! xxxx