Thursday, September 5, 2013

Harvest Moon (moon viewing;月見,Tsukimi) in Japan

This year's Tukimi (Moon Viewing) in Japan happens to fall into 19th of this month. 
And 19th is my birthday as well!!! 
I am so excited with this magical coincidence p;)
I know it is too early to post this topic; (I wish to use tsukimi header longer till 19th.)
     Offerings for the Harvest Moon: Tsukimi dango (left),
susuki grass (middle) and chestnuts (right)

I found really good page explaining about this Japanese tradition. Tukimi (moon viewing or harvest moon) refers to the Japanese tradition holding the parties to view the harvest moon.  I'm not sure but Tsukimi must be close to the Halloween in western culture in the sense of cerebrating the harvest. 

I don't think we cerebrate nowadays much any longer. But I HAVE lovely memory when little that my mother told me there lives a rabbit in the moon making rice-cake pounding a mortar with pestle.  We enjoyed eating "bean cake, おはぎ/ohagi (another dango type of sweet)" she made for us on this day.  And I was happy to read about Jade Rabbit  story I've never known in the link page above.

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Barbara F. said...

I think it is a wonderful coincidence that the Harvest Moon coincides with your special day. Happy Birthday a little bit early, my sweet friend! As far as the link I sent, it was an adorable video of a Japanese family who adopted a penguin! You may find it on You-Tube. I loved it. xo