Monday, February 10, 2014

Bit Early Hina-Maturi post;

Early Feb. means Hina-maturi (雛祭り, girl's festival on March 3rd) is just around the corner in Japan. The traditional Japanese festival held to wish girls both health and growth. Hina means doll and matsuri means festival. here's the link of my other "hinamaturi-posts".

Yeterday, my dear friend and I went to "old Japanese (igura style) house" to see the beautiful decoration of Hina-maturi. I've already introduced the house here. It is the 130 year old house with 2 layered tiled roof and plastered wall owned by transportation business people. 

              As I pasted 2 links, I'll skip more lengthy explanation p;)
        Instead, I wish you to enjoy the pictures, (if possible,enlarged ones)

when we went into the house,
this cute girl with kimono was posing her father's camera
this is how innermost of the main room was look like

to our surprise, there was koto and shakuhachi play, many people were already listening

       *many hina-dolls and decoration*

    outside of the main room

     *Decorated items at another exhibiting places*

Thanks to my friend, I got a chance to see this event. And I also appreciate my friends to visit me despite of my ungratefulness. Finally, I'll be free and no plan after I have finished my late father's 100th day service today...

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Rambling Woods said...

Such color and detail. .. Michelle