Monday, March 3, 2014

Flying Kite Contest;

Yesterday, I went to see the Flying Kite Contest to next city's beach this year again. The weather condition was worse this year.  So cloudy and the wind was too strong. 
                     Here’s the link from last year's contest. 
            You can see the differences of the presented works.

This kite is called "oniyouzu,鬼ようず".  It is an old tradition (since 8 century) at an island in my prefecture. It is made when the first boy in the family was born wishing his prosperity and flown in the new year.

This kite didn't work; and the man close to him was explaining what was wrong.

According to the Chinese zodiac sign, this year is the horse year. 

They made this kite with the cartoon character (doraemon) and posed for me :-)

People starting to gather, I saw many kids with parents♡♡♡
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Rambling Woods said...

Those are really big kites. I am reading a book. It is fiction that takes place in Japan in the 1930's. What always strikes me is that the Japanese are so polite in every day life and how I wish more Americans were polite. I raised my daughter to be polite and respectful especially of elders, but so many young people are not. It makes me feel sad for our culture...Michelle