Monday, May 26, 2014

The festival at Sumiyoshi-shrine, locating next city where my husband was born, was revived 3 years ago. The first privately-owned cement company in Japan founded by Kasai Jinnpachi developed the city. This festival is to commemorate his contribution.
Let me introduce the high light of the festival; Portable Shrines and the Dance of the Dragon , which is the trade mark of the company. 
First and second one was made by one of my husband's band member. 
Link to the more detail about the 2 shrine from last year.

*First one is modeled after the Tokkuri←link -shaped kiln (we put sake in tokkuri) to burn limestone.  The roof is for the protecting porpouse. This old type of kiln is no longer in use now.

*Second one is called "セメン樽, semendaru. cement barrel" 
They used to use barrels to carry cement. 

*Third  one; Another big company used to make sulfuric acid. 
                   These crock (hope the right word) were made to put them.

Enjoyed the marvelous sound, (復活, means revive) 

Dace of the dragon (trade mark of the cement company) was great.

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