Saturday, June 7, 2014

Color Vermilion and Seal;

While I was writing previous post, I wondered which word I should use for the color of the gate way to the shrine, "Vermilion" or "Orange"
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  I'd like to explain about the color "Vermilion" and how we use the seal in Japan.
Originally, the word "brightness" came from the color of the "Sun" (Vermilion "朱色、shu-iro”, yellowish red). The color red is a derivative word. (sorry if you knew about this)  And believed  that the color vermilion prevent disaster from happening and have the power against alchemy (hope the right word; and in a bad sense) 

Now this is the picture of the seals and ink "肉, shu-ni-ku". Yes, the color of the ink for the seal is also called vermilion.

The one on the left side is my registered personal seal which my late mother bought for me when I married. The other one is for the normal use. Even for delivery service, the staff put the seal for us in the receipt (like in the pic). From us, they accept both seal and sign for them though. 
Seal is the inevitable item for Japanese, we cannot open bank account without it etc. I wonder if only signing works for the official procedure in western country.

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