Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yukata 'summer kimono' and Fireworks;

  July 21st is "Marine Day" in Japan. Firework Festival was held close to this day. 
Yukata is worn mainly at the traditional summer events like fireworks and bon dance festivals. Especially we can see children and young couple wear them. Here are the pictures of display of them at the department store. 
I reminisce my mother used to wear kimono frequently and loved to see her wear them by herself elegantly. Not many people wear this traditional clothes nowadays.

Fireworks in my city was held last night and it became an annual event for both of us to go:-)  Always gives me a moment of feeling of free from mundane affairs. My husband took pictures for me to post. Although I know these pictures won't express the dynamic feeling much, I wish to let you know the event. I wonder if your area have fireworks event like we have in many places during the summer. 

We saw the fireworks from the harbor of the industrial company.

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