Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Passing through Looped Reed;

  I've been to one of the shrine rituals "passing through Looped Reed" on Aug.1.
It is called Nagoshi-taisai 夏越大祭, which translated as "Summer Grand Purification".
And this event also meant to spend the summer safely and healthy;

*This is how the ritual is proceeded; you pass through looped reed to purify yourself*

*At first, there was a ceremony to pray for God*
We were handed out this human-shaped paper and this supposed to take over our sins and
illnesses. We patted the parts we wish to get better with it.  I patted my ears (oh, how bad my hearing got lately...) and shoulders etc.  The papers were collected by the shrine. Then we proceed to the looped reed;

* I wish my attending this event can be even a slight positive effect on me :-) * 

Whatever the weather you're having, I wish you are doing fine.
Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting you soon;

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