Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Visit to a local Shrine;

We visited to a local shrine (Hatumoude) on 2nd;
We visit shrine mainly on first, second, or third to wish for the peace and health of the year. And buy new omamori,お守り (charms or amulets), the old ones are returned to the shrine so they can be burned. I bought some for us as well. 
(you might notice from my pictures that ladies no longer wear kimono like we used to do during this season, like my childhood days. My mom used to spruce up wearing them and I learned how to wear it from her.)

*Shinto gateway "鳥居.Torii" and we buy charm-amulets for varieties of purpose*
When I was buying charms, this lovely girl asked me why I'm taking pictures.
Yes, I showed my mobile-phone and she agreed to be on my blog :-) 

 *We reach the main [inner] shrine*
The pine tree was planted by crown prince.
Sacred horse (copper) was dedicated by a citizen last year to celebrate the 1,700th year of the shrine. Original one was offered to the government during the world warⅡ.
 As you can see, Paper Fortune being tied ;  
 We had cold New Year this year, so not so crowded than we expected.

*Extra tropic for New Year*

*New Year's gift money for kids 

Otoshidama is a Japanese custom in which adult give children money over the New Year's holiday when people visit neighbors, and relatives between January 1-3. 
Bills are folded into three sections and put into small envelopes like these, then handed to the children of close friends as well.
Usually kids are really looking forward to getting some spending money. Sure was happy and exciting new year days when young,

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