Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Calligraphy of the Year, "kakizome, 書き初め" ;

My husband's ex-lady-collage is a member of the "genyuukai" calligraphy school;

She kindly informed us about the "kakizome, 書き初め" by the school held at our city airport. Three calligraphers (including the president) showed us working on the big paper. Using their whole body, DYNAMIC works were done♪

They were having interview from the radio program.
I put the performers with the right order with their works in the picture above.

          They worked with the background music;

*First Performer (my husband's ex-lady colleague)*
She is wearing the kind of 'kimono type' clothes her mother sewed for her.
"Beat out one of your heartbeat to everyone's heart"
Her work is from the lyric of the song called "AH Yeah" sung by the Japanese singers called "スキマスイッチ. sukimasuicchi".

*Second Performer*
"ありのままで"   "Let it go"

*Third Performer  (president of the school)
"風に舞"  "Dancing in the wind"

Let me show you the glass seal they're using for their works, which their calligrapher names on them, specially made by the local glass atelier.

Extra;  For the last, inside of her haori-coat she was wearing a T-shirt her master's calligraphy was printed.

         '夢・ yume,  Dream' and  her calligrapher name '結花'

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