Saturday, February 21, 2015

Calligraphy Guest;

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 '夫婦善哉meoto-zenzai' Sweet Red-Bean Soup 

  ('meoto' means married couple; please click any of the words above to my former post)
So AMAZING to see how wonderfully they've done this work for us in collaboration.

*Lady Calligraphy Guests to my house*
You might remember my post of First Calligraphy of the Year on Jan.18th. The other ex-lady-colleague of my husband who is also a member of the same "genyuukai" calligraphy school came to my house with two friends to practice bigger sized work. From my request, they wrote the beautiful work on top together for us.   
These four words means a lot for me :-)
Arrived and Preparation
Worked hard; they continued writing and hanging works to dry many times!

I wish I could show you more works. The Buddha shaped doll is to pull the string.

brushes and expensive Japanese papers

*Taking break at lunch time with Soba*

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