Thursday, January 29, 2015

At Woodworking Shop;

There was an exhibition and sale last year at a woodworking shop. I missed posting this event last year. Please just have fun with woodworks and other Japanese art works.
(sorry for the long post for several links)

The store's name is 'komoregi, 木洩木'
Entrance after going up the stone fence.  There were special outside stores then.

*Art works inside of the store*
For children. Loved the little kitchen♪
Sheep which is this year's zodiac sign (mine as well)
My friends might remember the one I bought -:)
Lots of works with Japanese atmosphere.
And for the last Luck Bringing Owl  'fukuro・フクロー'

I wrote about why owls are lucky animal here with sweet video.

Thank you very much for stopping by;

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