Thursday, August 27, 2015

One of Mother's Memory;

      *Japanese Tuitate ”衝立, partition” used to be at my late parent's house*                               Link page of my former post and picture page 

This partition decorated inside of the front door of my late parents' empty house 
finally found new place to go this spring.   
I remember my mother was so excited and looked happy finding this tuitate and decorating inside of the front door more than 40 years ago when they bought the house and moved from tiny company housing.  I myself was not so fond of this one when she chose as I thought the shape was not so lovely and a little big :-)  
My husband had heard that his acquaintance who is the owner of the Japanese style pub was planning to remodel his pub. And I felt SO happy this partition which my parents really loved when having their (our) new house finally found the new place.  

*Reused as an ornament of the front door of "Japanese style pub"* 

 And below is from the picture page;
   Left one has Japanese atmosphere and Right one has stained glass♪

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