Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Local festival;

*At 水分神社 'mikumari-shrine'*
Along side Koto-River, there is an old shrine made to pray for the agricultural irrigation. For the Autumn Festival there, one of my husband's band member was invited with his guitar group to perform for one of the events there. 

Sacred Ritual;
Priestess’s Dance and ancient Japanese court music '雅楽,gagaku'
I loved the sound very much as not many chances to enjoy them.

Several performances at this event;

Kind of intriguing to hear the sound of The Ventures for this occasion:-)
Mom, portable shrine is scary;

We all ducked under the shrine.
This is for hanving healthy year...   Oh, I DO hope so! 
Rice cake '餅, Mochi' throwing which is one of the ritual in Japan as well.

*For the last, portable shrine got into the river as this shrine is 'God of water' *

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