Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kanreki 「還暦」 in Japan

The other day, my husband's brother had 60th birthday. We call it Kanreki 「還暦」 in Japan. His two daughters had arranged a special lunch at the hotel. I took many lovely pictures of all family including his two grandchildren; unfortunately their mothers (our nieces) seem unwilling for their children to be in the blog world.
We all had a nice time with gorgeous lunch and the ordered birthday cake afterward.

For this occasion, I checked what it means and how important for us.

You can read this page and see this picture page to know about it. I'd like to summarize from the page a little.  Basically, 60 year old honoree has been 5 times of the Chinese zodiac with its 12 animal years and having the rebirth time; which means once again a baby who is embarking on the next 60-year cycle. Baby is called 「赤ちゃん・Aka-chan and it literally means, "red one" in Japanese. So something red is connected with this birthday. Haha, you might have been surprised to see many red vest. In old days, we call vest 'chan-chan-ko'.  So "red+vest"  I hope you understood my poor explanation p;)

My husband was given this musical score stand with messages and several other red goodies (a pair of socks, etc haha) from his colleagues when he retired at the age of 60.
And we also had a lunch at the hotel with family members. He still treasures the belt (not red colored) his nieces bought for him. So, 60th has an important meaning for us beside it is the age we retire from our job.

I wonder if this age means the same or has other special meaning to the people in western country as well.

In Japan, we are in so-called 'Golden Week' holidays. It refers to the period from April 29th to May 5th when there are four national holidays. Many places are crowded and have heavy traffic. I also am busy invited to the city festival or eating out.   Well, friends, I DO hope you also have a nice coming weekend♬♬♬

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