Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ceramics exhibition of the greeting New Year;

Early last week, I've been to the "Ceramics exhibition of the greeting New Year" held at the long-established Department Store in my city.  The works of  Ceramic Artist Ms. Hirano this time were featured the color "Vermilion" or "Yellowish Red".  The color is used for the gate way or the bridge at the shrine and the temple in Japan as it's considered a sacred color. I posted about it here.
Originally, the word "brightness" came from the color of the "Sun" (Vermilion "朱色、shu-iro”, yellowish red). And believed  that the color vermilion prevent disaster from happening and have the power against alchemy. And this color is used for the ink of our seal as you can see in the link of my post. 

I wished to make her works bigger; she approved to be in my blog♪ 

  • Left side is for the New Year's Sake;  
  • Right side is Earthenware Mortar, they are spouted for pouring after seasoned. 

I've bought the two bowls for *Year-Crossing Soba-Noodles*, the ones you can see in the picture above. my husband was happy to see them♪

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