Monday, September 5, 2011

Japanese Tukimi (moon-viewing)

Tukimi (moon-viewing)

     Offerings for the September 13 Moon: Tsukimi dango (left),
susuki grass (middle) and chestnuts (right)

Tukimi←link means moon-viewing in Japanese. The celebration of the full moon. Tsukimi refers to the Japanese tradition of holding parties to view the harvest moon. So, I don't know if I am right or not but maybe we can say this tradition of ours is close to the Halloween in Western culture.
I didn't know the traditional connection bettween moon and rabit ←link  I just knew that it is said that the blackish parts in the moon looks like the rabbit pounding in amortar and pestle.
Anyways, we have Oriental Zodiac symbols out of twelve animals, and this year marks the rabit's year in the Chinese astrological calendar. Well, I hoped that this year was going to be a better year by leaps and bounds, though. (like rabits do)   (posted in Etymology page)

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