Monday, October 24, 2011

Japanese dog's tooth violet (cooking starch?)

Well,  I had been thinking that katakuri-ko (Japanese dog's tooth violet - flour) is made from corm (flower bulb) of katakuri.
Out of the blue, I was asked from hubby if I knew what katakuriko is made from.  I answered "katakuri" straight away.  Oh, my!!!  He giggled at me making a bit surprised face. It is made from potato not original lily......   
As this Wikipedia page says,  (quote) "Katakuriko is now often processed frompotatoes, which are much cheaper, as true katakuriko is now quite costly and is rarely available in stores."   Haha, I am SO embarrassed by my ignorance. 
(Please, do not ask me how long I have been a house wife)
And this page intrduces "Flour & Starch" we use in Japan.

Anyways, I am happy if you have fun with this flower (pictures are all from pc-site as well as the you-tube)


I hope you can enjoy the stroll

PS>  I was to use the starch to make this Chinese-style bowl-dish with rice.

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