Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ink Painting by Neighbor's Acquaintance;

  • *Ink Painting Exhibition by Baba Ryoji*
My next neighbor told us this exhibition; our second chance to see this artist's works.  
Just "WOW" was the word!  I'm SO happy that I had a chance to introduce his great works.  Header of this post was from his big work.  Allowed to take pictures♪
(wished my pictures were not so brownish from the light)

       The artist featured seasons in his works and the titled is
                              'A Moment'    "一瞬・hitotoki" in Japanese 

*Spring*   Cherry Blossom at night

folding screen;
Big pole was disturbing to have a straight shot;

my husband admiring his work;

*Sea of Winter*  Great work made by 12 pieces.
This great work was from the scene of the sea side made from 'Hornfels' at '須佐 susa' in Yamaguchi Pref where I live.
This work is so huge and long; 
            I divided into three pictures (right, center, left) for the wider view.

The artist was explaining to other visitors that the thickness of the black and white part is just from his instinct, wow!  And to connect 12 pieces, he needed to be careful to fix the connecting parts.I wondered how artists of these ink painting figure out leaving the white part, :-)

I liked this work called 'balefire'

*Creative Space Red-Brick*
          This is the place the exhibition took place
                        and archive of the former Prefectural Library.
I hope I could show you the dynamics of these his great works;

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