Thursday, October 15, 2015

'Twelve-Layer Robe' and Drying rice Straw;

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This Tue. I visited my aunt and cousins to thank them for their get-well visits to the hospital last month. One of my cousins had been to the trip to Kansai and Kanto area after I've seen her at the hospital. This 'Kyo Yuzen Dyeing' Handkerchief with embroidery is  the beautiful gift for me from her.  And the lady is wearing 'Twelve-Layer Robe' (Wikipedia pagepicture pagewhich is an extremely elegant and highly complex kimono that was only worn by court-ladies in the old days
        So Happy to have this Precious Gift and Thankful for her thoughts ♪ 


On our way to visit them I've seen rice-straws on 'Ine-kake 稲掛け' to dry them, which scene is really rare as farmers use combine nowadays. Oh, I got really nostalgic :-)

The picture above with combine was I took last week in my area;  Currently, straws are not used much and the picture below I found here is another way drying straws. They are called 'toshaku としゃく’ which I also have seen when young.

I really appreciate your visits;

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