Monday, November 30, 2015

Introducing New House;

*Introducing New House to Friends and Neighbors*
My husband's lady-keyboard player asked members to play some music for her sister's '家見せ・ie-mise' which means to show and introduce ones new house to friends and neighbors. And also the Shinto Ritual was conducted. My first time to see this ritual. Sure is depends on regional customs.  Normally, we throw celebrating mochi at the time of house-raising. 
     People were carrying 'Mikoshi', or 'divine palanquin'.  It was held early Oct. 

     People were enjoying music in front of the band and offered some drink and etc.
     Pasting part from my old post about 'mochi throwing';
           *Throwing cerebrating red and white mochi at house-raising
At the time of house-raising, people cerebrate the occasion by throwing small red and white mochi.  Different from showing already built house but happy time to share the joy of having a new house. I was happy to know about Housewarming from friends' comment for my post.

Hoping for the Happy life with New House;
These pictures were gifted from the keybord player growing at her garden.
First 'Dracaena' is called '幸せの木. tree of happiness '

Thank you so much for your Kind Visits;

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